Some of the topics I’ve posted lately have been rather dreary so let’s spark it up with something more cheerful! 🙂

So Far So Good!

Setting goals is certainly an important aspect of life, but before we do that I want to first describe some achievements that I’ve already accomplished.

  • Being born
    • You may laugh but check out this video (warning language)
    • PG version -> less funny
  • Being born in a first world country and in an upper middle class family
    • This is way rarer than you might expect
    • Right here we get
      • Never went hungry/thirsty
      • Always had shelter
      • Loving, caring, stable family
      • Literate
      • Healthcare
      • Activities/vacations/pleasure
      • etc.

I’m not even out of grade school and I feel like I got dealt the upper hand compared to 99% of all humans who have ever lived on planet earth. Pretty sweet eh? But we’re not done yet. Let’s move on.

  • Kissed a girl or 2 -> probably more 😛
  • Graduated high school
  • Marched DCI with The Cavaliers
  • Graduated College with a technical degree
  • Fell in love
    • Then heart broken -> Not planned…but a GREAT life experience FOR SURE!!!
  • Lost more than 50 pounds and I’ve successfully kept the weight off for 4-5 years
    • This is a bigger deal accomplishment than you might imagine
    • Most people gain all their weight back quickly or within a few years
    • See the order of events here…. wink wink, nudge nudge 🙂
  • Found routine in exercise and nutrition
    • Not perfection, but consistency (cheat meals encouraged) 🙂
  • Gained plethora of job experience
  • Learned to walk on my hands
  • Moved to California (Dreamin’)
  • Learned Olympic Weightlifting
    • Clean and Jerk -> 255lbs
    • Snatch -> 195 (body weight)
  • I’ve been the ‘hot’ guy at a party and at a concert a time or two
    • This was a dream that I thought I’d never achieve
    • This is vain to be honest, but nevertheless it’s honest
  • Becoming self sufficient with my given skill set
    • Pay the bills with my computer skills
  • Writing with more frequency for thought expression

As you can see a good portion of these events were outside my control. However, other were dreams that I felt like I could never obtain. Perseverance and the will to not quit is an essential quality to have in these types of situations. The purpose of sharing this personal information is not bragging, but an acknowledgment. I’m OK with this even if it’s might humiliating. BRING IT ON! Growing up as the chubby smart kid has some advantages.

OK! Great! What’s next?

That’s a good question! Let’s start with extreme short term:

  • Get out of debt
    • I’ve been trying to do this for a few years but life has a tricky way of being unpredictable
    • This is an intense subject. I’ll write future blog post just about this
  • Start/Run a company
    • This is way closer to happening than I might realize
    • Key things to take home are hard work, patience, perseverance, and know when to walk away
  •  It would be pretty nifty to perform a double body weight Squat
    • I’m at 365lbs right now -> 390… well 400 is the magic number
  • Developing a morning routine
    • I hate snoozing, but it’s been happening more often than not
    • I struggle with this honestly
    • My apartment is ‘clean’ like things are put away but I couldn’t tell you the last time I dusted or mopped the floor
    • Dishes are mostly done
    • Gross -> Bachelor -> I KNOW :/
  • Find Purpose
    • This is a tricky one that probably deserves its own blog post as well
  • Dream Bigger
  • Let Love happen
    • I’m totally over pursuing relationships
    • Patience shall be rewarded

The last few goals are vague and they’re supposed to be. If I had everything paid for, got X amount of money from doing something miraculous – I could do whatever I wanted for the rest of my life…I would probably travel the world and be outside as much as I can. Nature is literally Awesome. Sometimes I feel like the only reason I ‘play along’ with the digital economical ‘jungle’ that we humans are forced to live in is so I can have fun or enjoy myself. I imagine that most people are like this -> I’m looking at you Weekend Warriors.

Finding a purpose in one’s career is becoming harder and harder these days. Especially with the onslaught of automation and the lack of approval for trade skills. I don’t love every single aspect of my job right now, but that’s OK. Most people have tasks and items they’re responsible that they loathe. I’m rationalizing now and begging to ramble. I feel like could segue this into a whole other conversation but I’ll save that for another time.

In summary most people have already accomplished several achievements. It’s so easy to get caught up in work/stress/life/wants/desires/feelings/emotions that you forget to stop and breathe. Being alive is truly amazing and a mathematical miracle.  Thanks for reading and I’d love to read your thoughts or comments.






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