Finding Flow

Hey again! I haven’t posted in a while and it’s about time I sent out an update. I think trying to write a post everyday was a little ambitious. Today’s excerpt is about finding flow, reevaluating goals and ambitions, and independent work.

In the past week or two a lot has happened so I’ll try to make this quick. This past Monday I signed a contract with a new company! The contract is a small time frame (1-3 months) and I will be completing handful of development tasks, enhancements, and improvements to their company website. I also have a few other clients that mainly consist of CMS and data organization (Excel, html forms, email automation, etc.). This is now enough work for me to have a pretty full plate while keeping the bills paid for the time being. I’m so happy that I’m not struggling financially and that my most recent job loss hasn’t impacted me so dramatically like it did previously in the past.

Let me stress that I THINK my new role as a freelance software contractor will not be permanent. There is still a multitude of technologies, skills, frameworks, and ideologies related to computer science that I am not yet familiar with. I’ve told prospective clients straight off the bat that I may not be the right developer for the job. There is still much to learn, but I’m excited to accept the challenge.

There are many benefits about freelance work such as: making your own schedule, being your own boss, working where/when you want, and probably a whole lot more. However there are cons too, usually to the tune of employer benefits (healthcare, 401K matching, PTO, etc.). I have to be extremely organized to make sure I’m achieving deadlines for my clients. I also have to be brutally honest with myself about my workload and how much I’m accomplishing everyday. With more independence and flexibility comes a myriad of responsibility.

Finding routine has been helpful for completing my work and goals. Every morning I drink two glasses of water immediately when I wake up. Next up I brush my teeth, put on lazy workout clothes and take a walk around the block. This really helps my wake up and think about the upcoming day. Then, I settle down with a cup of coffee and dedicate an hour to learn new things. The dedicated hour can be flexible on what content is covered, but lately I’ve been reviewing an e-book on the React JavaScript framework. Once I finish that, I’ll probably move on to Cracking the Coding Interview practice problems. The author also has many instructional videos on YouTube that I find helpful as well.

I’ve been trying to not be so hard on myself lately and be more positive. I’ve had a handful of my friends and even strangers tell me that I have unrealistic standards for my quality of life. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, and I’m still trying to figure this out. I’ve exercised 6 days in a row and even though I feel like exercising later, I should probably take it easy. I know I stated in a previous blog post that I have some goals that I want to attain, some daily, and others over more time. Blogging everyday, right now is too much. I believe that 3 times a week, for where I am in life right now is more achievable. For the most part I am on track or nearly where I should be for the rest of my goals. I am consistently getting stronger, faster, and more flexible through CrossFit and Yoga. The amount of structure I’m gaining and what I’m learning is optimistically going to cascade with time. Accumulating knowledge doesn’t happen over night. However, adding a little bit each day, routinely, will make dividends for sure. I’m even improving on my destructive behaviors. They are by no means ‘solved’ or ‘fixed’ but their frequency has decreased and I’m excited to see that trend.

I should probably go enjoy the sunny day and leave you to your Saturday. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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