Don’t Get Comfortable

I’m supposed to be posting everyday but the last few days have been nuts, so I’ll cut myself some slack. Today (Friday) I had a technical interview with a prospective employer. The days prior, I focused primarily on studying and preparing for the interview. This included data structures, algorithms, Big O, Object Oriented Programming – you name it, I was responsible for knowing it. All of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were spent reviewing this material and I felt like I was back in college. Now that the ‘final exam’ is over I can breathe for a minute.

It actually went pretty well in my opinion. There was no awkward silence, I was able to solve problems and questions they asked, and we had a steady conversation throughout the interview. My interviewers even had a sense of humor which eased the tension even more. Overall it was a pretty positive experience. Now did everything go 100%, or was it my best interview ever? No, but it’s certainly up near the top. No matter what the company decides, I was pleased with my performance, but the most encouraging aspect of this entire process is that I now know that I CAN do this. I can and will be a software developer and I pity the fool that doubts my drive or stands in my way. Studying all the relevant material sparked an excitement in me that I can’t quite explain. I sort of remembered some of the concepts that I was first introduced in college, but this time round things clicked much better. I was not as focused as I am now and I’ve had more time for my brain to wrap around the theories and procedures. I now have the tools at my disposal to not only continue my career path, but grow my knowledge, understanding, confidence.

Now that I reflect what I could’ve changed while at my last employer, it is clear that I was not inspired to work there. It was in, out, jobs, procedures, duties, boring, blah, etc. I was given the opportunity to improve my skills and grow but I didn’t follow through. I missed the bill and that was my fault. I could blame it on a number of things but really, this is it: I got comfortable. The pay was fair, I was stoked to be living in California, and to be honest I was having the time of my life – just not at work. I played too hard on the weekends and even on weekdays too. I think it’s now clear weekdays are meant for work and personal development. If you spend 40+ hours of your week doing something you don’t enjoy, aren’t passionate about, or doesn’t inspire you, Get. Out. Now. I realize that this is way easier said than done, and it may be even completely out of your control, but I implore you reevaluate what you want out of life and make changes accordingly.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve learned my lesson and regained a confidence that I had been missing. Confidence is something that I ran short of in the years past but I’m glad that the tables are slowly turning in my direction.

The rest of my day was running errands, exercising, and doing work for Fierro’s Kitchen. Now that I’ve totally overhauled their ordering and payment system, it’s time to get their website in the shop too. Since I had spent all week preparing for my interview, I left a few projects on the back burner. I spent 3+ hours catching up and I have plenty to do tomorrow as well.  I’m super happy that Julian (the owner) respects my priorities and that he’s pleased with my work so far. I’ve gained another client as well! I’m excited to get started with her fitness blog! This is great news! So let’s recap, potentially a new job (fingers crossed), and TWO side projects?! Not too shabby!

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your comments. I’ll try to post something a little different tomorrow 🙂


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