Making Progress

Another day, another blog post. Thanks for sticking with me thus far. Yesterday’s post was an example of things I need to improve on, and today I’ll tell you what I did differently.

Now I didn’t exactly start the day the way I wanted, but despite this I actually got many things done. One of my goals I mentioned yesterday is to establish an early morning routine. I imagine that waking up at 9am doesn’t really fit the bill. Yeah, so I have that to fix tomorrow. I then spent the rest of the morning making my bed, getting dressed, breakfast, and working on some side projects. I worked straight until noon where I decided it was time to exercise.

The workout was fun and challenging! I didn’t loiter at the gym like I typically do and I went right back to work. I then spent time on projects for the next 3 or so hours. I completed quite a few tasks that I needed to get done today. I learned how to complete fancy forms using Wufoo. Next, I took the fields in my form and populated the data in a google spreadsheet using Zapier. Zapier is a pretty nifty service that integrates with several different types of apps, over 750 and counting. I can certainly see myself using more of their services in the future. Just right there I completed one of my goals/habits to learn something new everyday. Next, I met with another client I’m consulting for and I’m really excited to start helping her with her technology needs. I’m becoming a consulting/admin type person and I’m starting to like it. It’s extremely reassuring to know the side projects help me out slightly financially, but in return I’m helping my client with something they cannot do – and at the same time I’m able to learn some cool things along the way. Everyone wins here. So, so happy!

One thing that I’m quite apprehensive about is that I have a coding whiteboard interview this Friday with a prospective employer. Sure, it’s really cool that I have an onsite interview already. I’ve been out of a real job for less than a month. One would say that’s awesome?! Right? Well whiteboard interviews are EXTREMELY intimidating. You’re asked to code/solve problems/define algorithms/etc. all using a whiteboard and a marker. No computer, no IDE, no stack overflow/google for help. It’s just you and your marker friend. I told myself I’d spend at least an hour a day preparing for it. I did this today by brushing up on some JavaScript while reading a React tutorial. To be honest, I’m going to have to study hard for the next few days to even stand a chance. I even bought a cheap whiteboard on Amazon to help me prepare. Hey, gotta practice some how. Tomorrow and Thursday I have much more free time to prepare. I plan to spend the majority of those days reviewing relevant material, completing practice problems, and anything else that I find helpful. I found a good link about how to prepare for white board tests, but I just gotta do it! Easier said than done. If I really study properly the next few days, I should be good to go! But whatever happens, if I truly feel I worked hard enough, that’s all that matters. There will be other opportunities with different companies. This is just the first one 🙂 I have plenty of time still.

There’s another habit completed today, blog post done. I still need to do the dishes (clean something everyday) but I hope you believe that I’ll do that in the next 5 minutes. Over and out! Thanks for reading!






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