Yosemite Valley

Last Thursday, I visited Yosemite National Park with my brother-in-law. It was about a 2 hour drive from where we were staying in Angels Camp. The long drive was well worth the incredible vistas. We wanted to go on a few hikes but the park was so crowded that we could barely see a few key features of the park. One would think that this national park wouldn’t be frequented much in the winter, but boy we were wrong. One of the more famous hiking trails is call Glacier’s Point where you can see a magnificent view of Half-Dome (pictured below).


Unfortunately Glacier Point Road is inaccessible in the winter so weren’t able to hike that trail. A good portion of our time at the park was in the car to be honest. Traffic was horrible. So. Many. Tourists.

Next we waited in the valley for sun down. We were hoping that the sky would turn a reddish purple color and that hue would be spread over the distant mountains. Finally our patience was rewarded and we snapped some breathtaking photos. My brother in law knows a thing or two about photography, actually has a respectable camera, and I’m sure he’ll share his photos on flickr soon. In the meantime you’ll have to put up with the photos I snapped from my smartphone and whatever I pull up on Google’s image search.

Nature is simply incredible and stretches my imagination. I got an profound sense of deja vu while being in the valley. I feel like deja vu is the Universe telling you that ‘you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.’ It’s like a crossing point for all of the multiverse versions of yourself. It’s an erie feeling but it gives me a sense of purpose of what life has to offer and my role in this giant mysterious story. This is of speculative thinking of course! 😉

I should probably come to a close. I feel like I could ramble on about this stuff for a while. As I’m typing this, I’m in a suit preparing to go out on the town for New Year’s Eve in downtown Los Angeles. I bet if you’d tell me this fact a year or two ago, I’d laugh in your face! I would not believe you at all!! What surprises life has. I hope it has many more to come.

Thanks again for reading and hope you look forward to some super exciting future posts. Feel free to contact me through social media links. Have a very Happy New Year!


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