Yosemite National Park Family Vacation

We were lucky enough to have our family Christmas vacation in Angels Camp California this year. This location is conveniently located for myself and my sister (Lauren) who lives in the San Fransisco Bay area. The rest of my family lives in northern Indiana and they had to fly out to meet us. One of the benefits of traveling out here instead of going back home is that we have a multitude of options for activities. There aren’t many national parks back in the midwest and it seems like California is littered with them! I’ve never been to Yosemite and I’m more than excited to go exploring in the vast nature wonderland.

I’ve seen the giant redwoods before when visiting my sister, but I still need to see the massive Sequoia trees. I’ve also seen a few different sets of mountain ranges including:

  • The Alps in Switzerland and Austria
  • The Rocky Mountains in Colorado
    • Which also include the Grand Tetons in Wyoming
  • Finally the Sierra Nevada Mountains here in California

There might be more that I’ve visited, but nothing else comes to mind. Mountains are extremely intriguing to me and they initiate powerful moments of clarity and thought. Simply, they make me happy and it’s incredibly pleasing to chase that feeling. Mountains to me are like a giant wave of rock that has been growing (or shrinking) for eons and is fueled by the power house of plate tectonics. Hiking near, on, or around mountains feels like I’m surfing in the hollow of an epic wave. The wave won’t crash in my lifetime, but the Earth has a longer story than we know how to comprehend.

Anyway I should probably be preparing for my white board interview which is in a couple weeks. I’ll probably post about that journey later on.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your holiday, and GET OUTSIDE!! Even if it is a little chilly 🙂





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